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My Problem With Code Generation

Though I very often rely on code generation for some aspects of my projects, I’d like to decrease its usage. Here is why.

January 24, 2016

Lightweight Modular Staging in 5 minutes

No blog post in 2014! I have yet written a lot.

In this post, I want to explain in a few minutes how does Lightweight Modular Staging (LMS) work.

Essentially, LMS is a Scala library for generating programs. The basic idea is that you define an abstract representation of the program you want to generate and then you apply a code generator on it to produce the target program.

January 6, 2015

js-scala and Scala.js

People often ask me “what is the difference between js-scala and Scala.js?”. Here is an answer (maybe biased because I’m one the authors of js-scala, so please tell me if I say something wrong).

December 19, 2013