Code Designer
Julien Richard-Foy
Lausanne, Suisse
+33 761 379 132, +41 78 671 83 19
Birth: 12/25/1985
Nationality: French

I design code at the right level of abstraction in order to build successful, reliable and maintainable projects.

I also teach how to code and talk in international conferences on programming.

I am curious and I like understanding how things work. I am especially motivated by projects having a positive impact on the environment.


Professional Experience

since 2018
Director of Education at Scala Center Design, maintenance and evolution of Scala MOOCs.
since 2016
Senior software engineer at Scala Center. Creation of a MOOC. Upgrade of the grading infrastructure. Team lead for standard collections redesign. Realization of an sbt plugin for Scala.js projects that use NPM modules. Teacher at HEIG-VD. Expert reviewer for bachelor thesis. Scala.
Lead software engineer at Zengularity. Design, development and management of technical aspects of projects. Creation of training supports. Consulting. Play, Akka, Scala.
Book authorship: Play Framework Essentials. Play, Scala, Java.
Teaching assistant at université de Rennes 1. Courses on functional programming, Web, and software engineering.
Software engineer at Zengularity. Design and development of a Web content management system. Creation of training supports. Play, Scala, Java.
2011, 6 months
Web developer at Zengularity. Development of the content management system Sematic, based on the Play framework. Java, JavaScript.
2010, 3 months
Developer at IRISA (Rennes, France). Development of a generator of graphical user interfaces via a model driven approach. Kermeta, Java, GMF and EMF.
2009, 1 week
Web developer at Jardins d’Hélianthe (Mimizan, France). Design and development of a website showing the activity of the company. PHP/SQL, CSS and Javascript.
2005, 1 month
Web developer at IUT d’Orsay (Orsay, France). Enhancement of an existing piece of software written in PHP and SQL.

Side projects

since 2013
Publication of various open source projects (e.g. play-jsmessages, enum, play-json-derived-codecs, …)
since 2012
Contributions to several open source projects (Play framework, cats, Scala.js, js-scala, …).
since 2009
Development of various Web applications (Debate it, Chooze, MergiCal, Closely, …).
since 2006
Development of Web sites for various non profit organizations (Les Jardins de Cérès, Tap Breizh, …).


Physics of everyday objects, Université de Bordeaux
Machine Learning, Stanford University
Ph.D. in Computer Science, Université de Rennes 1 (France)
Principles of Reactive Programming, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Functional Programming Principles in Scala, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Master's degree in Software Engineering, Université de Rennes 1 (France), with high honours (rank 1)
B.Sc. in IT, Université de Provence (France), with honours
DUT in IT, IUT d’Orsay (France)
Baccalauréat STI Électronique (equivalent to A-level specialized in electronics), with honours